Gladiator Helmet

This helmet seems not to help protect your head, but it make you look more scary on the road, lol.

Source: Yanko Design

Secret Agent Camcorder Watch

This Secret Agent Camcorder Watch hiding a tiny camcorder behind the number “2″ in the watch face and a mic in the bezel. The video resolution is 353×288 pixel, and the picture is 640×480 pixel. It can shoot 2 hrs of video per 1 charge (via USB port). Will be yours for $200.

Source: Brick House Security

Beer belt is the life-changing invention

Do you tire of carrying a bottle of beer in the party and have to walk back to the bar for a new bottle every 1 hour? This is a solution for you. The Beer Belt can hold 6 beers (bottle or can) on your belt, with the support from nylon belt and 6 plastic cup holders. Now you can uninterruptedly enjoy the party.

Source: UrbanOutfitters

The Cobalt: Modern Pocket Watch

Forget the old-obsoleted pocket watches, this is the Cobalt; modern pocket watch for digital age. It comes with a customizable OLED touch screen which will show time, date, temperature and email/voicemail updates.

Source: Yanko Design

No-Contact Jacket can shock anything that touches

No-Contact Jacket

Tasers might be a good protection, but you have to hold it in one of your hands in order to use it against any attackers. When activated, 80,000 volts of electric current pulses below the surface of the entire jacket, which are the blue lines in the pictures above and below.

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No-Contact Jacket

No-Contact Jacket

Video Links: Arcing, Demonstration

Source: No-Contact Jacket