Thanko hot box: USB-powered Lunchbox

This USB-powered lunchbox will keep your lunch warm at 140 °F. Just 1,980 yen, produced by Thanko, Japan.

Source: Thanko

Dragon Fire Breathe USB Gamepad

This USB gamepad is awesome, it supports USB1.0/USB2.0 with Win98/200/XP and programmable buttons.

Luxeed’s Dynamic Pixel LED Keyboard

This illuminated keyboard has 430 LEDs and can dynamically change the key’s color. You can use software included to program the color presets which can switch between 4 preset buttons. Or can set to “Spark” mode to allow keys to illuminated only when pressed. Check it out at ThinkGeek.

Only works on Windows XP or Vista, the illuminated function will not work on Linux or Mac OS.

Source: ThinkGeek

Video Tape USB Hub

Video Tape USB Hub DIY

Video tape is quiet hard to find, but if you have some and know how to use a soldering iron. This may be your next weekend project.

Instruction: Instructables

USB Illuminated Roll-up Keyboard

USB Illuminated Roll-up Keyboard

This silicone USB keyboard is washable, durable, can be rolled up and you can see it in the dark. Available for $26.

Source: Gadget4All

USB Illuminated Roll-up Keyboard