Axon Razorback Hover RC can Travel at 50mph

Axon Razorback is hover RC, it can go very fast, almost 50mph with the upgrade motors. On top of that, it can go anywhere, including sand. Will available in September for $250, see video for a cool demonstration.

Source: Axon Racing

Robot Pill

You might heard of the pill camera, the tiny camera that can snap every inche of your digestion system, but this pill is different. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon develop this robotic pill which can spread its legs and crawl your intestine without damaging it.

It would be hard for a doctor to ask his patient to swallow something that can crawl their intestine.

Source: NanoLab, Carnegie Mellon

UGV Buggy can autonomously patrol danger zones

G-NIUS, Israeli defense company builds this Guardium UGV (unmanned ground vehicle), it designed for border patrol and recon missions. It can receive GPS coordinates and adapt to the pre-programmed routes on the fly. Though it carries only cameras and recon gear in the video but the company says it can equiped with weapons or some modular systems.

Source: G-NIUS


Lego UAV

There’s a lot of crazy stuff being built on the Lego NXT platform, but this one can fly! Check the video after the jump.

Source: DIY Drones

Real Ferrari in Your Pocket

mini rc ferrari

This mini RC car is an officially licensed Ferrari replica. It is 3 inches long with working headlights and turbo button for increased speed.

Models available are Enzo and Testarossa, costing $29.99

Source: ThinkGeek