VLC Mediaplayer, Now on iPhone

VLC Mediaplayer is now ported to iPhone and iPod Touch with support for MPEG/MPG, AVI, MP3 and DivX, FLAC, VCD, OGG, WMA, WMV soon. You don’t have to convert the AVI to MP4 to watch movie anymore, just drag and drop the video file to your iPhone/iPod Touch and enjoy!

Source: ZodTTD

Myvu’s Shades 301: Personal Theater for iPod

Myvu Shades 301

Myvu’s Shades 301 iPod edition comes with a magnetic two-piece cable manager, two connected sound isolation earbuds, a Dock Connector cable and a remote control. You can watch 320×240 video from iPod 4G (photo only), 5G, Classic, Nano 3G and Touch.

Myvu Shades 301

Will be yours for $200.

Source: iLounge