Seiko Epson shows 3D images on Cell Phone

Seiko Epson developed 3D displat for cell phones which can show high-qualities 3D images with no special glasses. From its small size, this screen has 1024×768 pixel or about 500ppi, it can display 3D images by using a special lens called “lenticular lens” which can show different images from different angles.

The company said this technology will be on the market in 2 years.

Source: Techon

Maple Phone

Maple Phone designed by Yoon Hyun Jin and Lee Eun Hak in the concept about technology that can merge into nature. The phone has touch keypads and camera.

Source: Add a human touch..

Plica Concept Phone: A Phone with Two Touchscreen

Sometime I have an idea about the phone with two-almost-side-by-side screens, now I see my dream become solid in this concept phone from Plica. I can use one screen as a keyboard, while use other one as a screen, or just use two screen together, hope some companies make a real product soon.

Source: James Piatt

VLC Mediaplayer, Now on iPhone

VLC Mediaplayer is now ported to iPhone and iPod Touch with support for MPEG/MPG, AVI, MP3 and DivX, FLAC, VCD, OGG, WMA, WMV soon. You don’t have to convert the AVI to MP4 to watch movie anymore, just drag and drop the video file to your iPhone/iPod Touch and enjoy!

Source: ZodTTD

FOMA P706iμ: World Thinnest 3G Phone

FOMA P706iu

NTT Docomo, a mobile operator in Japan announced the world’s thinnest 3G phone; FOMA P706iμ. It is 9.8mm thin and comes in 3 colors.

Source: NTT Docomo