60oz LED Lighted Pitcher

This pitcher with LED light will light up your party, 8 colors available (Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, White, Yellow and Citrus) and 3 type of adjustable light (Spinning Flash, Steady Blink and Constant On) for $10.85 each.

Source: Wow Cool Stuff

Luxeed’s Dynamic Pixel LED Keyboard

This illuminated keyboard has 430 LEDs and can dynamically change the key’s color. You can use software included to program the color presets which can switch between 4 preset buttons. Or can set to “Spark” mode to allow keys to illuminated only when pressed. Check it out at ThinkGeek.

Only works on Windows XP or Vista, the illuminated function will not work on Linux or Mac OS.

Source: ThinkGeek

LED Earth Globe Aquarium

If you think being a fish in a bowl is not bad enough, consider this Globe Aquarium which is designed to look like the Earth and has the blue LED shining at night.

Source: Wrapables

Giant LED Clock

This CD shelves can tell time, store CD. With its giant digital clock, it gives the feel of old time. There’s no US retailer now.

Source: Anka