New Gaming Gear from Logitech

For those gamers who never satisfied with their old keyboard, mouse and headset. Logitech announces the G-series product will take you to the next level of gaming. This series has the G35 headset with 7.1 surround, the G19 keyboard with programmable buttons, the G13 gameboard with 25 extra keys and the G9x laser mouse with 5000 dpi.

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Luxeed’s Dynamic Pixel LED Keyboard

This illuminated keyboard has 430 LEDs and can dynamically change the key’s color. You can use software included to program the color presets which can switch between 4 preset buttons. Or can set to “Spark” mode to allow keys to illuminated only when pressed. Check it out at ThinkGeek.

Only works on Windows XP or Vista, the illuminated function will not work on Linux or Mac OS.

Source: ThinkGeek

Nishi-Ki Keyboard: A Handmade Keyboard with Style

NISHI-KI Handmade Keyboard

The Nishi-Ki Keyboard has 86 handmade decorative QWERTY keys. It has USB and PS/2 port with support for Windows XP/Vista/2000. Will be yours for $154.33

Source: GeekStuff4U

USB Illuminated Roll-up Keyboard

USB Illuminated Roll-up Keyboard

This silicone USB keyboard is washable, durable, can be rolled up and you can see it in the dark. Available for $26.

Source: Gadget4All

USB Illuminated Roll-up Keyboard