Google Japan’s Chrome Design Animation

To celebrates Chrome, Google Japan create this stop-motioned animation, showing Chrome icon destroying clutter “Break Out” style until there’s nothing left but clean UI.

PSP-3000s with New Colors

PSP-3000s come in with red, blue, yellow and green. It cost around $220, or $280 with 4 GB memory card, pouch and handstrap.

Source: Wire

Thanko hot box: USB-powered Lunchbox

This USB-powered lunchbox will keep your lunch warm at 140 °F. Just 1,980 yen, produced by Thanko, Japan.

Source: Thanko

Mickey Mouse Transformer

This Mickey Mouse Transformer can fold up into a vehicle like normal Transformer with a little Mickey Mouse doll behind the steering wheel. Will be on sale in Febuary for 3,610 yen ($38.57)

Source: IT Media

Japan hopes to built Space Elevator

Japanese always have plenty of idea to turn science fiction into reality!

From Arthur C. Clarke’s “Fountains of Paradise”, the Japan Space Elevator Association hopes that they will built a working space elevator. Anchored by carbon nanotube cables, the space elevator will reduce the cost of space operations up to 100 times less than launching space shuttles

Japan is hosting an international conference in November to draw up a timetable for the machine.

Source: Japan Space Elevator Association