Relieve You Stress by Smash Your Monitor with ScreenSmasher

Do you work with computer? Have you ever get so tired of your monitor?

Yeah, sometime we just want to smash it into pieces, but we can’t risk our job and lose some bucks with that act, right? This is an option for you.

With this screensmasher, you can smash your monitor without breaking it, with sound effect to make you believe you did it indeed.

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Bed with Virtual 2-D Girlfriend

INBED - Virtual 2-D Girlfriend

An NYU student, Drew Burrows, creates the INBED; an infrared-sensitve light projected virtual girlfriend. She can curl up next to you in bed, spoons, lie on your back and response to your every move.

She’s a 2-D and fully clothed, but we will wait for the next version.

Source: New York Magazine

Manodo Display Can Tell Your Home’s Power Consumption

Monodo Display

If you enjoy observing how much resources you are consuming, how much CO2 emitted from your hot shower or even when the next tram will pass by your stop or weather forecast.
This project is in pilot stage now in Sweden.


Interactive Hologram

AirStrike shows us a interactive hologram, which can interact with user by pointing a finger or moving a hand. This is cool!

From: extend limits