Coffee Grounds Printer

If you are a coffee lover, and don’t want to pay for those pricey ink for your printer, this concept designed printer will be a solution for you.

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The Solar Tree

The Solar Tree designed by Gurdeep Sandhu, it uses just a small space in your backyard, it can wing-out the panels to absorb sunlight and fold back when not used. You can uproot and move it, or even upgrade the panels when needed.

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Wind Turbines Kite Power Generator

It could be a future of clean energy from wind, the turbines attached to the kites and generate 10 kilowatts of energy to power 10 homes. The scientists are now planning to 50 kilowatt and 100 megawatt, which means, when it can generate energy for up to 100,000 homes.

Source: Guardian

Maple Phone

Maple Phone designed by Yoon Hyun Jin and Lee Eun Hak in the concept about technology that can merge into nature. The phone has touch keypads and camera.

Source: Add a human touch..

Travelmate Portable Fireplace

The Travelmate Portable Fireplace is designed by Conmoto; a German design company. A bit heavy with 55 pounds, using one tank of biofuel (bie-ethanol) will take 2-3 hours to burn. You can just carry it anywhere, indoor or outdoor, just put it wherever you like with heat and weather proof glass, you don’t have to smell the smoke or clean anything.

Source: See video at Conmoto, or buy it from Unica