Dragon Fire Breathe USB Gamepad

This USB gamepad is awesome, it supports USB1.0/USB2.0 with Win98/200/XP and programmable buttons.

New Gaming Gear from Logitech

For those gamers who never satisfied with their old keyboard, mouse and headset. Logitech announces the G-series product will take you to the next level of gaming. This series has the G35 headset with 7.1 surround, the G19 keyboard with programmable buttons, the G13 gameboard with 25 extra keys and the G9x laser mouse with 5000 dpi.

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Bugeye Race Car Simulator

Bugeye Race Car Simulator

The Bugeye Race Car Simulator uses a single screen that creates a 3D display in front of the driver instead of multiple panels. This display uses lenses to create the 3D effect which unlike goggles, it will not cut the driver from the real world. Will be yours for $9000+

Source: Bugeye Technologies