Bubble Man Bedroom from Mega Man 2

Mega man room

A guy made his bedroom looks like Bubble Man’s level from Mega Man 2. He spent 3 months measuring, stenciling, painting and retouching his bedroom walls, and the result is impressive.

Mega man room

Mega man room

Mega man room

Source: kidoverdrive

DIY Radio controlled lawn mower

DIY RC Lawn Mower

If you are too lazy to mow your lawn, this is your DIY solution.

With $480 (or lower, if you already own a lawn mower), you can start your weekend project by follow the instructions in the link, and see the video for how it operates.

Source: DIY RC Lawn Mower

Video Tape USB Hub

Video Tape USB Hub DIY

Video tape is quiet hard to find, but if you have some and know how to use a soldering iron. This may be your next weekend project.

Instruction: Instructables

Sawed-Off USB Key

EvilMadScientist.com introduced the D-I-Y instruction to make this cool Sawed-off USB key How to make a Sawed-off USB key