PSP-3000s with New Colors

PSP-3000s come in with red, blue, yellow and green. It cost around $220, or $280 with 4 GB memory card, pouch and handstrap.

Source: Wire

自主制作映画 Otoko Hazard

If you have ever played the Bio Hazard (or Resident Evil in US version), you should know why this video is so funny!

Project Beauty: Now Beauty is in the Eyes of Computers

Shiseido, one of the biggest cosmetics company and Nintendo plan to release a new software for Nintendo DS called Project Beauty.

This software will scan your face and use the preset list of parameters to determine if your face is cool, active, cute or feminine. Then it will offer make-up tips to improve your appearance.

Handheld Super Nintendo

It’s hard to believe this thing is real, a portable Super Nintendo! Though it doesn’t have 3D graphic or surround sound effect, but the long list of the most beloved game of all time can proof its popularity among hard-cored gamers around the world.

This portable SNES can take full SNES cartridgesm, all buttons needed, AV&headphon jacks, built-in screen and lithium polymer batteries.

Too bad, there’s no commercial plan for it.


Zelda Oricana

If you are a Zelda fan, this is a dream come true. The blue oricana is a playable music instrument, it has 6 holes with notes from C4 to D5. And for your convenient, it comes with a song book with notes from some Zelda tunes.

Check it out at ThinkGeek for $39.99

Source: ThinkGeek