Time Tuner Clock

This clock looks like a radio, it mixes up the layout of the clock to make it look like a radio. Designed by Antrepo Design Industry, now in the state of looking for partners in production.

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Vibrating Alarm Clock can hide under Your Pillow

This alarm clock can wake you up by the audible and vibration function, just place it somewhere under your bed, or you pillow. Beside the alarm function, during the day, you can use it as the normal clock, by place it on its base, it will charge and display the time, or you can use it as a torch.

Source: LazyboneUK

Clocky Robotic Alarm : Catch me if you can

If you often wake up late when you have an important appointment, this alarm clock might help you. When it rang, the Clocky Robotic Alarm will randomly run around your room, you have to catch it in order to stop it sound. Now you won’t miss your appointment anymore. Price between $49.99 – $59.99, check the video for how it help you wake up.

Source: ThinkGeek

Stonehenge Robotic Clock

Norris Labs’ Stonehenge Robotic Clock looks not so useful, but it fun to watch the time changing process, though little bit slow.

Source: Norris Labs

Giant LED Clock

This CD shelves can tell time, store CD. With its giant digital clock, it gives the feel of old time. There’s no US retailer now.

Source: Anka