i-Shovel Robot: Smart Snow Shoveller

This i-Shovel is a smart Robotic Snow Shoveller that can cleans snow on the driveway automatically once it detect enough snow to clean up. The battery will keep the nto shoveling for around 4,000 square feet. It is a prototype and patent-pending, but supposed to be available soon.

Source: i-Shovel

Gladiator Helmet

This helmet seems not to help protect your head, but it make you look more scary on the road, lol.

Source: Yanko Design

PSP-3000s with New Colors

PSP-3000s come in with red, blue, yellow and green. It cost around $220, or $280 with 4 GB memory card, pouch and handstrap.

Source: Wire

Soma Player: Vinyl MP3 Player

This is the concept design by Andrew Seunghyun Kim, the Soma MP3 Player comes in plastic, steel, wood, leather and bamboo. It has two touchscreeens on the front, and three panels on the back which look like buttons.

It features the look and feel of playing the vinyl records, which will start spinning once played.

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SoundBulb: A Light Bulb with a Speaker

This LED light bulb has built-in speaker which audio will be transmitted from your computer or mobilephone to the speaker system inside. Volume can be adjusted be manually turn the top of the bulb.

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