Japan hopes to built Space Elevator

Japanese always have plenty of idea to turn science fiction into reality!

From Arthur C. Clarke’s “Fountains of Paradise”, the Japan Space Elevator Association hopes that they will built a working space elevator. Anchored by carbon nanotube cables, the space elevator will reduce the cost of space operations up to 100 times less than launching space shuttles

Japan is hosting an international conference in November to draw up a timetable for the machine.

Source: Japan Space Elevator Association

Tetris Tiles: Add Colourful Puzzles to Your Room

No more boring room with plain tiles, a UK company deliver the tetris tiles to your rooms. With any pantone-colours to choose from and italian ceramics perfect for indoor, outdoor, floor or wall.

Source: Tetris Tiles

JetFlash V20 USB Flash Drive by Transcend

The Transcend JetFlash V20 USB Flash Drive has capacities up to 64GB with high-speed USB 2.0. With its 64GB of memory, the JetFlash can also be used as a back-up device. Users can download the Transcend’s free JetFlash elite data management tools. The tools can perform a variety of tasks such as syncing data between computers, as well as turning the flash drive into a key to be able to access the computer.

Source: Transcend