Disc Manager is the best solution for AV archivist

Disc Manager 100

If you have a lot of DVDs to protect, the Disc Manager is the best solution for you. You can store your precious DVDs, CDs and Blu-Ray discs with password protect and search software to locate a file on any disc. It can also have 100 discs in one box and you can even stack it into 500 discs manager with only one USB connection.

Source: DiscMakers

Nishi-Ki Keyboard: A Handmade Keyboard with Style

NISHI-KI Handmade Keyboard

The Nishi-Ki Keyboard has 86 handmade decorative QWERTY keys. It has USB and PS/2 port with support for Windows XP/Vista/2000. Will be yours for $154.33

Source: GeekStuff4U

VLC Mediaplayer, Now on iPhone

VLC Mediaplayer is now ported to iPhone and iPod Touch with support for MPEG/MPG, AVI, MP3 and DivX, FLAC, VCD, OGG, WMA, WMV soon. You don’t have to convert the AVI to MP4 to watch movie anymore, just drag and drop the video file to your iPhone/iPod Touch and enjoy!

Source: ZodTTD

Magnetic Accelerator Kits

Magnetic Accelerator Kit

The Magnetic Accelerator Kit for Think Geek uses magnets to launch stainless ball bearing at highspeed. See the video for how it works.

Source: ThinkGeek

Cricket: Portable Laptop Stand

Cricket Portable Laptop Stand

The Cricket can fold up into the small 8 inch cudgel, suitable for mobile computing. On sell for $40.

Source: LCDArms.com