The Cobalt: Modern Pocket Watch

Forget the old-obsoleted pocket watches, this is the Cobalt; modern pocket watch for digital age. It comes with a customizable OLED touch screen which will show time, date, temperature and email/voicemail updates.

Source: Yanko Design


Lego UAV

There’s a lot of crazy stuff being built on the Lego NXT platform, but this one can fly! Check the video after the jump.

Source: DIY Drones

Pacman Ghost Lamps

Pacman Ghost Lamps

For a retro gamer, have a retro gaming furniture will bring a lot of comfort to his house. If you don’t have any, this Pacman ghost lamps might be a good start. It comes in 4 colors, Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde. This is a concept idea, no price release yet.

Source: Anderson Horta’s Blog

Bugeye Race Car Simulator

Bugeye Race Car Simulator

The Bugeye Race Car Simulator uses a single screen that creates a 3D display in front of the driver instead of multiple panels. This display uses lenses to create the 3D effect which unlike goggles, it will not cut the driver from the real world. Will be yours for $9000+

Source: Bugeye Technologies

FOMA P706iμ: World Thinnest 3G Phone

FOMA P706iu

NTT Docomo, a mobile operator in Japan announced the world’s thinnest 3G phone; FOMA P706iμ. It is 9.8mm thin and comes in 3 colors.

Source: NTT Docomo