Blu Jacket: Future of walking billboards

Lunar's design: Blu Jacket

The Blu Jacket concept from Lunar Design aims to turn our clothes into walking billboards using an electronic fabric based on e-paper technology and futuristic organic fabrics. It could display your moods through signs and colours, pull up maps using GPS module built into it, or getting paid for displaying advertisements on your jackets.

Source: Lunar Design

Teuco’s Sorgente Tub

Sorgente Tub by Teuco

Sorgente Tub by Teuco

Teuco’s Sorgente Tub completely submerges into your floor and has water flowing to the brim with 8 hydrosilence whirlpool jets. It can be covered with the same material that surrounds it, or other options like Slate Grey Natural Stone, Oak-wood, or even Teak.

Source: Teuco

Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener

Star Trek Bottle Opener

This bottle opener is styled on the original Enterprise NCC-1701. Will hit the market late June 2008 for $23.

Source: Red5

Asia’s oldest modern robot revives

80-year-old Gakutensoku robot

Built in 1928 by biologist Makoto Nishimura for the ascension of the Emperor Showa (aka Hirohito), Gakutensoku is Asia’s oldest modern robot. Twice as tall as the emperor at 10 feet, 6 inches, it could tilt its head, blink, smile and puff up its chest and cheeks with a system of inflatable rubber tubes (powered by compressed air). Lost in Germany for a long time before returning to Osaka, it’s been restored and brought back to life with a $200,000 computer-controlled pneumatic servo system. But it definitely still moves very slow like an 80-year-old. The Gakutensoku will be the main attraction at the newly renovated Osaka Science Museum beginning July 18. Check out the video of it in motion below.

Source: Asahi, Pink Tentacle

80-year-old Gakutensoku robot

Weather Forecast Watch

Weather Forecast Watch

This digital watch can tracks the weather by measuring barometric pressure trends. Perfect for those who want a sleek, low-profile watch that features a reverse LCD display and stopwatch function. Four easy-to-read icons (sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, and rainy) display the upcoming weather conditions in the next 12 to 24 hours. Will cost £40 when it release in May 2008.

Source: Oregon Scientific