Secure Your Trashed CD/DVD with Disc Eraser

If you are worried about the CD/DVD you’re already throw out, then you should deface or break it before throwing it out.

The Dirc Eraser provides easier way to do that. Just open the device, place the disc on a small ring and move a slider up and down then your disc will be unreadable. Will cost you for $15.99

Source: Disc Eraser

DIY Radio controlled lawn mower

DIY RC Lawn Mower

If you are too lazy to mow your lawn, this is your DIY solution.

With $480 (or lower, if you already own a lawn mower), you can start your weekend project by follow the instructions in the link, and see the video for how it operates.

Source: DIY RC Lawn Mower

Credit Card Survival Tool

CreditCard Tools

This is not a new survival tool but we want to introduce it to someone who doesn’t know about it. Just slip it into your wallet.

Here’s the functions:

  • Practical multi-tool the size of a credit card–fits in wallet, purse or glove-box
  • Thick-gauge, extra-durable stainless steel construction for practical force application
  • Performs 11 tool functions: can opener, knife, screwdriver, ruler, bottle opener, wing-nut tool
  • Saw blade, 4-size wrench, auxiliary wrench, 2 position wrench, key-chain hole
  • Includes protective case for wallet or purse, tool identification card

Just $4 each.

Source: Amazon