Google Japan’s Chrome Design Animation

To celebrates Chrome, Google Japan create this stop-motioned animation, showing Chrome icon destroying clutter “Break Out” style until there’s nothing left but clean UI.

Project Beauty: Now Beauty is in the Eyes of Computers

Shiseido, one of the biggest cosmetics company and Nintendo plan to release a new software for Nintendo DS called Project Beauty.

This software will scan your face and use the preset list of parameters to determine if your face is cool, active, cute or feminine. Then it will offer make-up tips to improve your appearance.

Relieve You Stress by Smash Your Monitor with ScreenSmasher

Do you work with computer? Have you ever get so tired of your monitor?

Yeah, sometime we just want to smash it into pieces, but we can’t risk our job and lose some bucks with that act, right? This is an option for you.

With this screensmasher, you can smash your monitor without breaking it, with sound effect to make you believe you did it indeed.

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VLC Mediaplayer, Now on iPhone

VLC Mediaplayer is now ported to iPhone and iPod Touch with support for MPEG/MPG, AVI, MP3 and DivX, FLAC, VCD, OGG, WMA, WMV soon. You don’t have to convert the AVI to MP4 to watch movie anymore, just drag and drop the video file to your iPhone/iPod Touch and enjoy!

Source: ZodTTD

Dialler for iPhone

iDial for iPhone

iPhone is sure a phone with stylist design, but would it better to dial rather than push?

The iDial is an application for the old(er) geek who remember the days before cellphones and push button phones.

Source: Visuamobile via SOSiPhone