Secret Agent Camcorder Watch

This Secret Agent Camcorder Watch hiding a tiny camcorder behind the number “2″ in the watch face and a mic in the bezel. The video resolution is 353×288 pixel, and the picture is 640×480 pixel. It can shoot 2 hrs of video per 1 charge (via USB port). Will be yours for $200.

Source: Brick House Security

Secure Your Trashed CD/DVD with Disc Eraser

If you are worried about the CD/DVD you’re already throw out, then you should deface or break it before throwing it out.

The Dirc Eraser provides easier way to do that. Just open the device, place the disc on a small ring and move a slider up and down then your disc will be unreadable. Will cost you for $15.99

Source: Disc Eraser

Disc Manager is the best solution for AV archivist

Disc Manager 100

If you have a lot of DVDs to protect, the Disc Manager is the best solution for you. You can store your precious DVDs, CDs and Blu-Ray discs with password protect and search software to locate a file on any disc. It can also have 100 discs in one box and you can even stack it into 500 discs manager with only one USB connection.

Source: DiscMakers


Lego UAV

There’s a lot of crazy stuff being built on the Lego NXT platform, but this one can fly! Check the video after the jump.

Source: DIY Drones

No-Contact Jacket can shock anything that touches

No-Contact Jacket

Tasers might be a good protection, but you have to hold it in one of your hands in order to use it against any attackers. When activated, 80,000 volts of electric current pulses below the surface of the entire jacket, which are the blue lines in the pictures above and below.

See more pictures and video after the jump.

No-Contact Jacket

No-Contact Jacket

Video Links: Arcing, Demonstration

Source: No-Contact Jacket