i-Shovel Robot: Smart Snow Shoveller

This i-Shovel is a smart Robotic Snow Shoveller that can cleans snow on the driveway automatically once it detect enough snow to clean up. The battery will keep the nto shoveling for around 4,000 square feet. It is a prototype and patent-pending, but supposed to be available soon.

Source: i-Shovel

Mickey Mouse Transformer

This Mickey Mouse Transformer can fold up into a vehicle like normal Transformer with a little Mickey Mouse doll behind the steering wheel. Will be on sale in Febuary for 3,610 yen ($38.57)

Source: IT Media

Steam Powered Robot

You don’t need electricity to run this limited production SteamBot, just pour water inside, add a Esbit fire into its belly and spin the redwheel after steam is created. The robot can slowly walk!

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Clocky Robotic Alarm : Catch me if you can

If you often wake up late when you have an important appointment, this alarm clock might help you. When it rang, the Clocky Robotic Alarm will randomly run around your room, you have to catch it in order to stop it sound. Now you won’t miss your appointment anymore. Price between $49.99 – $59.99, check the video for how it help you wake up.

Source: ThinkGeek

Robot Pill

You might heard of the pill camera, the tiny camera that can snap every inche of your digestion system, but this pill is different. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon develop this robotic pill which can spread its legs and crawl your intestine without damaging it.

It would be hard for a doctor to ask his patient to swallow something that can crawl their intestine.

Source: NanoLab, Carnegie Mellon