When Segway Meet Monster Truck

This segway can seize the road, it can go at 0.6 MPH, but can not turn anymore.

Handheld Super Nintendo

It’s hard to believe this thing is real, a portable Super Nintendo! Though it doesn’t have 3D graphic or surround sound effect, but the long list of the most beloved game of all time can proof its popularity among hard-cored gamers around the world.

This portable SNES can take full SNES cartridgesm, all buttons needed, AV&headphon jacks, built-in screen and lithium polymer batteries.

Too bad, there’s no commercial plan for it.

Source: BenHeck.com

Toaster PC

It looks like a real toaster, but it can’t toast bread. This Toaster PC uses a real toaster which contained everything you need to run a computer including a full-sized router and DVD-ROM drive.

Source: TechEBlog

Nishi-Ki Keyboard: A Handmade Keyboard with Style

NISHI-KI Handmade Keyboard

The Nishi-Ki Keyboard has 86 handmade decorative QWERTY keys. It has USB and PS/2 port with support for Windows XP/Vista/2000. Will be yours for $154.33

Source: GeekStuff4U

Bubble Man Bedroom from Mega Man 2

Mega man room

A guy made his bedroom looks like Bubble Man’s level from Mega Man 2. He spent 3 months measuring, stenciling, painting and retouching his bedroom walls, and the result is impressive.

Mega man room

Mega man room

Mega man room

Source: kidoverdrive