The Solar Tree

The Solar Tree designed by Gurdeep Sandhu, it uses just a small space in your backyard, it can wing-out the panels to absorb sunlight and fold back when not used. You can uproot and move it, or even upgrade the panels when needed.

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Trebuchet Toaster throws toast across the room

The Trebuchet Toaster adds the feeling of medieval weaponry into your morning, just set the angle and force, then throw the toast onto your plate.

Source: Ivo Vos

i-Shovel Robot: Smart Snow Shoveller

This i-Shovel is a smart Robotic Snow Shoveller that can cleans snow on the driveway automatically once it detect enough snow to clean up. The battery will keep the nto shoveling for around 4,000 square feet. It is a prototype and patent-pending, but supposed to be available soon.

Source: i-Shovel

Thanko hot box: USB-powered Lunchbox

This USB-powered lunchbox will keep your lunch warm at 140 °F. Just 1,980 yen, produced by Thanko, Japan.

Source: Thanko

Vibrating Alarm Clock can hide under Your Pillow

This alarm clock can wake you up by the audible and vibration function, just place it somewhere under your bed, or you pillow. Beside the alarm function, during the day, you can use it as the normal clock, by place it on its base, it will charge and display the time, or you can use it as a torch.

Source: LazyboneUK