Glass Pool Table

This is a bad idea to redesign the pool table, with this slippery glass that can shatter on a break. Anyway, it’s on sale now for $26,150. See video after the jump.

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Tetris Tiles: Add Colourful Puzzles to Your Room

No more boring room with plain tiles, a UK company deliver the tetris tiles to your rooms. With any pantone-colours to choose from and italian ceramics perfect for indoor, outdoor, floor or wall.

Source: Tetris Tiles

Handheld Super Nintendo

It’s hard to believe this thing is real, a portable Super Nintendo! Though it doesn’t have 3D graphic or surround sound effect, but the long list of the most beloved game of all time can proof its popularity among hard-cored gamers around the world.

This portable SNES can take full SNES cartridgesm, all buttons needed, AV&headphon jacks, built-in screen and lithium polymer batteries.

Too bad, there’s no commercial plan for it.


LED Earth Globe Aquarium

If you think being a fish in a bowl is not bad enough, consider this Globe Aquarium which is designed to look like the Earth and has the blue LED shining at night.

Source: Wrapables