i-Shovel Robot: Smart Snow Shoveller

This i-Shovel is a smart Robotic Snow Shoveller that can cleans snow on the driveway automatically once it detect enough snow to clean up. The battery will keep the nto shoveling for around 4,000 square feet. It is a prototype and patent-pending, but supposed to be available soon.

Source: i-Shovel

New SD Card can supports up to 2TB storage

The SD Association announced at CES 2009 that the new version of SD card, SDXC (SD eXtended Capacity), will be released soon.

It can support up to 2TB with read/write speeds to 104MB per second and use Microsoft’s exFAT file system.

Full spec will be released in first quarter, this year.

Japan hopes to built Space Elevator

Japanese always have plenty of idea to turn science fiction into reality!

From Arthur C. Clarke’s “Fountains of Paradise”, the Japan Space Elevator Association hopes that they will built a working space elevator. Anchored by carbon nanotube cables, the space elevator will reduce the cost of space operations up to 100 times less than launching space shuttles

Japan is hosting an international conference in November to draw up a timetable for the machine.

Source: Japan Space Elevator Association

Smart Contact Lenses

The first leading cause of blindness, as estimated by WHO, is glaucoma. Glaucoma can be treated with surgery but the blindness caused by glaucoma cannot be permanently cured. This smart lenses, developed by Tinrui Pan and Hailin Cong from UC Davis, can keeps tabs on the disease , upload data to the computer and can automatically dispenses medication for the next version.

Source: UC Davis

Project Beauty: Now Beauty is in the Eyes of Computers

Shiseido, one of the biggest cosmetics company and Nintendo plan to release a new software for Nintendo DS called Project Beauty.

This software will scan your face and use the preset list of parameters to determine if your face is cool, active, cute or feminine. Then it will offer make-up tips to improve your appearance.