Trebuchet Toaster throws toast across the room

The Trebuchet Toaster adds the feeling of medieval weaponry into your morning, just set the angle and force, then throw the toast onto your plate.

Source: Ivo Vos

Thanko hot box: USB-powered Lunchbox

This USB-powered lunchbox will keep your lunch warm at 140 °F. Just 1,980 yen, produced by Thanko, Japan.

Source: Thanko

60oz LED Lighted Pitcher

This pitcher with LED light will light up your party, 8 colors available (Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, White, Yellow and Citrus) and 3 type of adjustable light (Spinning Flash, Steady Blink and Constant On) for $10.85 each.

Source: Wow Cool Stuff

Multi-Touchscreen Kitchen

This kitchen of the future from Miele featured a moulti-touch surface, you can retrieve lastest recipes and nutrition information right from the kitchen bar. Designed by Fiona McAndrew & Conor Fallon

Source: Yanko Design

Terrorist Teapot

This ceramic teapot has a simple design, covered by a knit cozy and evil eyes painted. Now we can make tea not war.

Source: I want one of those