Toaster PC

It looks like a real toaster, but it can’t toast bread. This Toaster PC uses a real toaster which contained everything you need to run a computer including a full-sized router and DVD-ROM drive.

Source: TechEBlog

Magnetic Accelerator Kits

Magnetic Accelerator Kit

The Magnetic Accelerator Kit for Think Geek uses magnets to launch stainless ball bearing at highspeed. See the video for how it works.

Source: ThinkGeek


Lego UAV

There’s a lot of crazy stuff being built on the Lego NXT platform, but this one can fly! Check the video after the jump.

Source: DIY Drones

Bubble Man Bedroom from Mega Man 2

Mega man room

A guy made his bedroom looks like Bubble Man’s level from Mega Man 2. He spent 3 months measuring, stenciling, painting and retouching his bedroom walls, and the result is impressive.

Mega man room

Mega man room

Mega man room

Source: kidoverdrive

Microwaved CD

Microwaved CD

Don’t try this at home, the smoke is toxic.

This is a experiment about how it like when we put a cd into the microwave, sure it burns. LOL

Source: Wacky Archives