Google Japan’s Chrome Design Animation

To celebrates Chrome, Google Japan create this stop-motioned animation, showing Chrome icon destroying clutter “Break Out” style until there’s nothing left but clean UI.

Helvetica robot T-Shirt

For those who love the Helvetica font, artist and typographer Jonathan Yule has transformed it into a “typographic illustration” of a robot. Every component of this bot is made of different character or symbol. It is available in charcoal, red and cranberry for $25.

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Trebuchet Toaster throws toast across the room

The Trebuchet Toaster adds the feeling of medieval weaponry into your morning, just set the angle and force, then throw the toast onto your plate.

Source: Ivo Vos

SoundBulb: A Light Bulb with a Speaker

This LED light bulb has built-in speaker which audio will be transmitted from your computer or mobilephone to the speaker system inside. Volume can be adjusted be manually turn the top of the bulb.

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Ninja Star Tacks for your cork board

If you have a dream about being a ninja, this Ninja Star Tacks will make part of your dream come true. Will be yours for $12.

Source: Chromoly