UGV Buggy can autonomously patrol danger zones

G-NIUS, Israeli defense company builds this Guardium UGV (unmanned ground vehicle), it designed for border patrol and recon missions. It can receive GPS coordinates and adapt to the pre-programmed routes on the fly. Though it carries only cameras and recon gear in the video but the company says it can equiped with weapons or some modular systems.

Source: G-NIUS

Bugeye Race Car Simulator

Bugeye Race Car Simulator

The Bugeye Race Car Simulator uses a single screen that creates a 3D display in front of the driver instead of multiple panels. This display uses lenses to create the 3D effect which unlike goggles, it will not cut the driver from the real world. Will be yours for $9000+

Source: Bugeye Technologies

Real Ferrari in Your Pocket

mini rc ferrari

This mini RC car is an officially licensed Ferrari replica. It is 3 inches long with working headlights and turbo button for increased speed.

Models available are Enzo and Testarossa, costing $29.99

Source: ThinkGeek

Electric Super Seven from Evisol Thorr

Thor Evisol

The Thorr electric car by Evisol based on the light-weight Lotus 7 and Siemens AC motor (272 HP) with 196 Kokam lithium polymer cells (29 kWh), see full tech info.

The price and release date are not announced yet.

Source: Thorr, Evisol

Thor Evisol

Thor Evisol