Soma Player: Vinyl MP3 Player

This is the concept design by Andrew Seunghyun Kim, the Soma MP3 Player comes in plastic, steel, wood, leather and bamboo. It has two touchscreeens on the front, and three panels on the back which look like buttons.

It features the look and feel of playing the vinyl records, which will start spinning once played.

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SoundBulb: A Light Bulb with a Speaker

This LED light bulb has built-in speaker which audio will be transmitted from your computer or mobilephone to the speaker system inside. Volume can be adjusted be manually turn the top of the bulb.

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iShelf: bring cover flow style to your room

This shelf hold your CDs with the “cover flow” style.

Source: LABEXP

Acoustibuds Silicone Adapters transform earbuds to in-ear

If you don’t feel comfortable with your earbuds that comes with your favorite mp3 player, and have to buy a new in-ear earphones. This Acoustibuds may be your cheaper solution, just $12.99, you can improve your earbuds comfort, improve bass and sound quality.

It wins the CES 2009 Innovations Award, and supports iPod, Zune, Sansa, Sony, Creative and many more.

Source: Amazon

Psyko 5.1: surround sound is right there

The Psyko 5.1 headphones will give you the real surround experience, instead of simulate the sound that strike our ears, it just built a chamber around our ears to make the room for the surround to be created there.

The headphones will be released early this 2009 for $300.