Tetris Tiles: Add Colourful Puzzles to Your Room

No more boring room with plain tiles, a UK company deliver the tetris tiles to your rooms. With any pantone-colours to choose from and italian ceramics perfect for indoor, outdoor, floor or wall.

Source: Tetris Tiles

Nishi-Ki Keyboard: A Handmade Keyboard with Style

NISHI-KI Handmade Keyboard

The Nishi-Ki Keyboard has 86 handmade decorative QWERTY keys. It has USB and PS/2 port with support for Windows XP/Vista/2000. Will be yours for $154.33

Source: GeekStuff4U

The Cobalt: Modern Pocket Watch

Forget the old-obsoleted pocket watches, this is the Cobalt; modern pocket watch for digital age. It comes with a customizable OLED touch screen which will show time, date, temperature and email/voicemail updates.

Source: Yanko Design

Pacman Ghost Lamps

Pacman Ghost Lamps

For a retro gamer, have a retro gaming furniture will bring a lot of comfort to his house. If you don’t have any, this Pacman ghost lamps might be a good start. It comes in 4 colors, Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde. This is a concept idea, no price release yet.

Source: Anderson Horta’s Blog

Bubble Man Bedroom from Mega Man 2

Mega man room

A guy made his bedroom looks like Bubble Man’s level from Mega Man 2. He spent 3 months measuring, stenciling, painting and retouching his bedroom walls, and the result is impressive.

Mega man room

Mega man room

Mega man room

Source: kidoverdrive