UGV Buggy can autonomously patrol danger zones

G-NIUS, Israeli defense company builds this Guardium UGV (unmanned ground vehicle), it designed for border patrol and recon missions. It can receive GPS coordinates and adapt to the pre-programmed routes on the fly. Though it carries only cameras and recon gear in the video but the company says it can equiped with weapons or some modular systems.

Source: G-NIUS


Lego UAV

There’s a lot of crazy stuff being built on the Lego NXT platform, but this one can fly! Check the video after the jump.

Source: DIY Drones

Spider Boot Protects Your Feet From Land Mines

Spider Boot

This is the boot for a deminer, it can protect feet and legs against anti-personnel mines. The principle is to distance the foot from the source of the blast and the 4 pods will keep the person a few inches away from the bomb’s maximum impact zone. It has been tested against anti-personnel mines and proved to reduce impact by 4-5 times as compared to other mine boots.

Source: Med-Eng