SoundBulb: A Light Bulb with a Speaker

This LED light bulb has built-in speaker which audio will be transmitted from your computer or mobilephone to the speaker system inside. Volume can be adjusted be manually turn the top of the bulb.

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iShelf: bring cover flow style to your room

This shelf hold your CDs with the “cover flow” style.

Source: LABEXP

Ninja Star Tacks for your cork board

If you have a dream about being a ninja, this Ninja Star Tacks will make part of your dream come true. Will be yours for $12.

Source: Chromoly

Time Tuner Clock

This clock looks like a radio, it mixes up the layout of the clock to make it look like a radio. Designed by Antrepo Design Industry, now in the state of looking for partners in production.

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Sign Language Translator: The Easy way to learn to sign

The Sign Language Translator takes the words you type and play the hand sign video of that words. It contains more than 3,500 words which will enough to help people who need it.

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