Glass Pool Table

This is a bad idea to redesign the pool table, with this slippery glass that can shatter on a break. Anyway, it’s on sale now for $26,150. See video after the jump.

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Eye-Fi Ripped Apart

A Flickr member ripped apart his broken Eye-Fi, the picture show us a gold bar on top; it’s the integrated Wi-Fi antenna.

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Coffee Grounds Printer

If you are a coffee lover, and don’t want to pay for those pricey ink for your printer, this concept designed printer will be a solution for you.

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Google Japan’s Chrome Design Animation

To celebrates Chrome, Google Japan create this stop-motioned animation, showing Chrome icon destroying clutter “Break Out” style until there’s nothing left but clean UI.

Helvetica robot T-Shirt

For those who love the Helvetica font, artist and typographer Jonathan Yule has transformed it into a “typographic illustration” of a robot. Every component of this bot is made of different character or symbol. It is available in charcoal, red and cranberry for $25.

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